Why I’m going to write more

For me, the hardest part of writing has always been the time and focus it requires. I’m privileged to have many other ways to spend my time – why should I choose writing? This piece answers that question. I hope that re-reading it will motivate me should my commitment to the practice waver.

“Writing makes me smarter”

That’s Michael Lopp’s typical response when asked why he writes. It resonates deeply with me. Writing encourages me to better understand and evolve my opinions, it inspires me to research and understand diverse perspectives, and it motivates me to uncover and inform my own ignorances. If I’m ready to publish my thoughts on a subject, I expect myself to have an informed and mature perspective.

Writing is social

The internet enables conversations across time and space, and I want to participate in that dialogue. Creating this blog enables me to contribute longer-form pieces alongside my activity on other social networks. In the long run, and thinking aspirationally, I hope it helps me create a personal brand and shape my career.

Writing makes me feel good

I find writing an effective way to get into flow. It also scratches my itch to “build something” and provides a nice sense of accomplishment. Alongside my other routines and hobbies, writing brings joy and satisfaction to my life.

As I develop this writing practice, I expect my motives to evolve. I look forward to updating this post over time.

Thanks for reading!

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